Beginners Advice to Orienteering Cubs

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Best Places to try Orienteering

A passion for orienteering can take you to a range of different places, from rural settings to urban jungles. Course designers tend to choose places of interest so that participants can get lots of sensory thrills whilst they are navigating the course. On the other hand, some designers have been known to create courses in very barren landscapes to really test the skills of participants.


Orienteering Jargon

If you are new to the world of orienteering, then you might find some of the terminology a little bit confusing. Once you understand some of the most common orienteering jargon, then you will find it much easier to understand what is going on in the sport.


How to Start Orienteering

Orienteering is an exciting adventure sport which can be tried by the whole family. One of the brilliant things about orienteering is that it is very easy to get involved in without the need for expensive equipment or professional training. It is an ideal sport for anyone who likes jogging, walking or navigation exercises.


Finding an Orienteering Club

Whether you are a seasoned professional or whether you are just starting out in orienteering, finding a local club can be a great way to practice this pastime. Finding a club is also a great way to meet a lot of like-minded people who also enjoy orienteering.

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