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Different types of Orienteering

As with many other sports, orienteering has many different disciplines (variations). These variations mean that as many different people as possible are able to take part in some form of orienteering. If you find that you do not like traditional foot orienteering, then you may find that you enjoy an alternative discipline much more. Here […]


Games to Practice Your Orienteering Skills

Regularly practicing your skills will help you to get better at orienteering. Skills games can also be a great way to stay active and involved if you do not have the time or resources available to be able to run a full course. Skills games are also a very varied way of taking part in […]


What to do if You’re Injured While Orienteering

As orienteering is a fast-paced adventure sport, there is always a possibility that injuries could occur. If you take part in orienteering, you should take the time to understand what you should do if you or any other party is injured whilst orienteering. Preventing Injuries Taking steps to prevent injuries can reduce the likelihood of […]


Staying Safe whilst Orienteering

Orienteering is a brilliant adventure sport that can be suitable for all of the family, but it does have some risks involved. Knowing how to mitigate these risks can help you to stay safe whilst you are practising the sport. Here is some advice on how to stay safe whilst orienteering. Understanding the Map It […]


What is Orienteering?

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, then orienteering might be the right sport for you. Orienteering is an exciting adventure sport which requires speed, navigation skills and good strategic planning. Although it is a competitive sport, many people choose to participate in orienteering just for fun and view it as a great day […]

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